iPhone XS Manual User Guide

iPhone XS Manual

Presented at the special event on Sept 12, Apple’s iPhone XS and its mega-version XS Max hold the palm of leadership in terms of performance speed, screen size, and prices. This article will guide you to the special features of these iPhones regarding design, tech specs, and distinctions against Apple’s previous models and competitor’s smartphones. Read below to find out where to find helpful manuals and user guides for the newcomer iPhones.

iPhone XS manual user guide

Everything You Need To Know About iPhone XS

Design Of iPhone XS

From the first glance, iPhone XS is an obvious direct successor of iPhone X. The model’s body is made from two glass panels with a stainless steel frame between them. In comparison with iPhone X, the protective properties of the glass panels are enhanced. iPhone XS Max boasts of the largest screen in the history of Apple smartphones. It measures 6.5” and is surrounded by nearly non-existent edges. The smaller XS version has a 5.8” display.

The overall design of iPhone XS is highly similar to iPhone X, but the newcomer has three color options: gray, silver, and a completely new gold color. Apple has never used such a golden color for iPhones before. It’s more saturated and, thanks to the unique method of PVD coating, the gold iPhone body features a glossy effect. Regardless of the back panel color, the front side of both XS and XS Max is invariably black, while in all previous golden-colored smartphones, it was white.

Technical Specifications Of iPhone XS

The lightning-fast performance of iPhone XS is ensured by the Apple A12 Bionic processor, which is special in all senses. The chip is based on FinFET, the revolutionary 7-nanometer process that has never before been used in a mobile processor. Worth mentioning in this guide, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X come with A11 Bionic, which is created by the less advanced 10-nm technology.

A12 Bionic guides six powerful cores. Two cores provide for performance, while the other four ensure energy efficiency. When the smartphone is running a heavy-duty game or app, the two performance cores chime in at full power. When iPhone XS is used for mundane tasks, only the energy-efficient cores are employed. This approach allows the smartphone to go on longer without the need for recharging. As compared to A11, the new A12 Bionic chip has a 50% lower energy consumption.

iPhone XS (Max): Peculiar Features

Screen: Super Retina HD (OLED), 5.8 inches, 2436×1125 | 6.5 inches, 2688×1242 (MAX)
CPU: Apple A11 Bionic
Memory: 3 GB of RAM | 4GB (MAX)
Camera: 12+12 megapixel front, aperture f/1.8 + f/2.4
OS: iOS 12
Battery: 2658 mAh | 3174 mAh (MAX)
  • The 6.5” screen in iPhone XS Max is the largest among all Apple smartphones.
  • The Super Retina HD screens have extremely high resolutions (2688×1242 in XS Max) for an ultra-clear picture.
  • The new processor makes iPhone XS up to 50% faster than iPhone X.
  • With the lavish 4 GB of RAM, there’s no need for a manual relaunch of your apps.
  • An unprecedentedly generous amount of built-in memory: 512 GB (along with the 64 GB and 256 GB versions).
  • The highest battery capacity among all Apple smartphones: 3174 mAh, which guides to 25 hours of talking on the phone.
  • The compliance with the IP68 protection standard: complete waterproofness.
  • The Face ID is enhanced to recognize the user even faster.
  • The upgraded dual camera with Smart HDR, now capable of recording videos with stereo sound.
  • The front camera boasts of the new Portrait mode (with manual adjusting of bokeh) and improved video stabilization.

Prices For iPhone XS (Max)

Since the sales launched on Sept 21, the price difference between the basic 64 GB version of iPhone XS and the top-tier iPhone XS Max with 512 GB has averaged about $500. According to Apple’s pricing guide lines, Americans have to chip out the least sums: 999 and 1449 dollars, respectively. In China, the iPhones come at 1269/1868 dollars. In Russia, the basic model is a bit more expensive: $1292. For residents of Italy, the prices run the highest: $1389 for the cheapest iPhone XS and $1971 for the top-of-the-line Max model. The worldwide prices of iPhone XS 64 GB largely correspond to those of iPhone X at launch.

iPhone XS User Guide

Potential buyers of the iPhone flagships can get acquainted with the official user guide and manuals even before the purchase. Once the iPhone is in your hands, there are different ways to set it up before use. If you want a fresh start, go on without restoring the old settings and files. If you prefer to have your old photos, music and important files on the new iPhone, the manufacturer’s guide will walk you through using your backup stored in iTunes or iCloud for a manual transfer. Even if you’re switching to an iPhone XS from an Android device, Apple’s manuals envisage an option for a convenient data transfer. Be sure to check out the official manual and user guide on Apple’s website.

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